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I watched this video several years ago, after it was suggested to me by the counselor I was seeing at the time. My appointment was in the middle of the day so I came back to work following my session and just had to watch it right away. I’d never heard of Brene Brown, but while watching this video I felt like she knew me.

If you have not seen this I highly recommend you do, it is well-worth 20 minutes of your time and trust me, if you deal with shame (which all of us with TTM certainly do), this will make you feel a lot better. Brown breaks down how and why we feel shame, the cycle — we feel unworthy so we feel shame, then we numb ourselves with vices and get depressed, which leads to more shame. Sound familiar? But some people have harnessed their own vulnerability . . . and we can learn from them.

I had been having a particularly rough time yesterday with my appearance, it seems I’ll always struggle with that, so I watched it again.

This video inspires me to allow myself to be human. Imperfections and all. I hope this brightens your day.

Peaceful hands.

This video makes me happy. Ashley is so real, so relatable. I really, really need to meet someone else who has this. I have people I can talk to about this, but no one who actually has this. They try to understand, but there is only so much they can understand without actually dealing with it. I just need someone to look at me and say, “I get it, I know what you are going through. It’s OK.” That would give me such a huge boost. I need that reassurance that I am not alone. Maybe some day.

This segment aired on 20/20 recently and I thought it was well done. I am glad people are talking about this and raising awareness.

The Girls on the Pull documentary videos are my favorites of the ones I’ve watched on the topic of trichotillomania. Real people who have TTM are interviewed and it really helps others with TTM not feel so alone.