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The decision to start this blog was not made overnight. This is the result of many, many months of thought and asking a few good friends for advice. I weighed the pros and cons, let myself “sleep on it” and refused to allow myself to think about it too much on my “bad days.” Ultimately, the decision to write about and make public an issue that is deeply personal to me was made with the knowledge that this, these words may help someone else.

I’ve had Trichotillomania (TTM) since I was about 13, it took hold when I was in 7th grade. More on that later. I’ve been writing since I knew how to use a pencil to make letters. I took every writing class and read every book about writing
I could up through college. In fact, I minored in writing. One of the simplest and yet most important thing a good writing teacher teaches his or her students is to write what you know. Otherwise your words will sound contrived, fake, forced.

I know about TTM.I know the frustration, the madness that comes with pulling out stands of your hair and not knowing why . . . not realizing you’re doing it until it’s gone. I know the isolation it brings, not knowing what it is, what it is called and not being able to tell anyone about it for fear they’ll laugh or worse — disown you. Then the years of thinking you are the only one who does this. I know about the anger toward yourself, the blame, and the sadness, the overwhelming despair that comes with not being able to just stop doing something that seems illusively simple and easy.