To honor a friend

Posted: March 28, 2017 in Musings

Today I decided to go without my hat. For me that’s a pretty big deal. I did not wear it yesterday either.

A long-time friend and co-worker passed away very unexpectedly last week. He had been one of my high school teachers before we both ended up here working at a newspaper, so I had known him for a good twenty years. He had such a great sense of humor, he was a great story-teller and most importantly he was genuine.

There would be times at work when I would be feeling badly about how I look or I’d feel less than confident about an article I was writing, but he was always there to reassure me. He told me I was beautiful and that I was “his favorite girl.” And he told me that I was a good writer, even when I did not want to believe it.

But the thing is . . . coming from him you had to believe it. He simply did not lie and he truly cared about everyone who came into his life.

And so, today I am not wearing a hat. I did not wear it at his funeral yesterday either, despite the fact that there were several rows of people sitting behind me. Something small to most but huge for me, and, in a small way to honor him by trying to be more confident. It is what he would have wanted.

So if someone asks me why I have bald spots or why I have such uneven length I will tell them the truth. I have this disorder, it does not have me, and it will not define me.

I miss my friend.


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