The sun improves mood

Posted: February 3, 2017 in Things that help, Uncategorized

The sun came out today. It is a strange thing when the sky stays gray and cloudy for so long that you almost forget what it is like to feel the warmth and see the bright light of the sun.

It made me feel good, just feeling the rays on my arm through the window, it really improved my mood, although I have been in a relatively good mood today anyway, and, as cheesy as it sounds, made me feel more alive.

I love the sun. I know I shouldn’t because I am a redhead and I sunburn even thinking about the sun, but I do.

It’s Friday afternoon and today has been good. I feel good today. It is a welcome change from how I have felt during the last few weeks. The cycle of depression and euphoria is on an upswing, and I will gladly take it.


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