Drawing, not pulling

Posted: January 9, 2017 in Recovery, Things that help
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I’ve always loved to draw and write, but I had not drawn anything other than doodles for what seemed like an eternity. But recently I have started drawing every day again. It seems like it is all I want to do, every free moment I get I am drawing, I can’t stop! It is like I’m possessed or something.

I draw in meetings, when I am home for lunch, at night after the kids go to bed, all day on the weekends (in between loads of laundry and such), all the time. I have been doing these little zen doodle things. Everyone keeps telling me I should publish a coloring book. Maybe I’ll try when I get enough done, we’ll see.

The good thing is that my pulling has dramatically decreased. I noticed that I was doing it more at night when I was  just sitting on the couch watching TV. Now I am drawing and it keeps my hands busy. And if I do catch myself pulling I just out my pen or pencil back down to the paper and focus on that instead. It’s helped so much, probably the most out of other techniques I have tried.

I will share some of my art here.



  1. PMu says:

    These are awesome, I think you should publish a colouring book if you are drawing like this anyway x


  2. I like the idea of selling coloring books! I just recently bought 2 coloring books of similar artwork for myself. I would totally buy one of yours! It would be awesome to support you in your recovery, and it would keep both our hands too busy to pull!


  3. The honesty and realism in this post is amazing. Keep up the art! I love it!


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