Bracelet that helps with TTM?

Posted: November 1, 2016 in Things that help
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One of the first steps in dealing with this disorder is identifying your triggers. I have discussed this in several other posts, but it is important. For example, caffeine and over-stimulation is a trigger for most people, myself included.

For me, however, I have been doing this for so long that it is harder to identify my triggers.  I think that after 20 years a lot of it has become muscle memory. I pull when I am tired, I pull when I am wide awake, when I am bored, when I am stressed. . . there seems to be, aside from a couple of obvious things, no rhyme or reason to it. Maybe I need to try harder to identify what sets it off.

This last weekend I found myself pulling more and more in front of people. Usually I can hold back when I know that I am in a room full of people, but this weekend not even that stopped me. I am hoping that was just a temporary thing. I realize that I am doing it and stop, but then start again moments later without even knowing it. I wonder how many people have seen me pull and wonder what the hell I am doing.

I found this article about two brothers who have developed a bracelet that vibrates when a person reaches to pull his or her hair. It was designed for people with Trichotilomania. I am wondering how well it works. I would like to know before I spend the $90 for it. I think it is pretty new so there are not a lot of reviews on it. If you hear anything please let me know.


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