Asked to help

Posted: February 8, 2016 in Musings
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Last week one of my co-workers came up to me and indicated that she wanted to chat privately with me later that afternoon. I tired, but I could not imagine what it could be about.

Later that day she asked me if she could ask me a personal question. She asked if I would comfortable taking about my battle with trichotillomania. I don’t think I have ever officially said I was comfortable talking about it, I guess it really just depends on the situation, but she is a really sweet gal and I knew she would not be asking me for no good reason.

Her friend’s 9-year-old daughter recently starting pulling out her hair. I’m a big baby anyway, but knowing that this horrible disorder has started affecting this girl made me tear up. My coworker told me that this mother was absolutely distraught and has no idea what to do, what to say, how to act, etc. There has been quite a bit of bullying to her daughter by another girl at school this year, so when I asked my coworker if the girl has been under some stress lately it made sense to her.

She asked me what the mom should do. I told her to tell the mom to read up on it first and foremost. I gave her a link to the Trichotillomania Learning Center website, which has tons of information for both parents and kids/teens. The Parents/Educators section of the web site says that a great way to support a child dealing with this is to read all they can about it and begin to understand the nature of the disorder.

I told her that if this mom wanted to call me or meet with me to chat I would be more than willing to do that . . . I just want her to have someone who understands to talk to.

One thing that I told my coworker to tell her is to please not blame herself. It’s not her fault and her daughter pulling out her hair does not reflect on her abilities as a parent. And it’s not her daughter’s fault. . . this is her mind’s way of dealing with stress and anxiety and it happens to good people.

I’m glad she’s being proactive and asking about it.


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