Feeling more accepted

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Musings, Recovery
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So yesterday at work one of my coworkers and I got on the subject of the ways kids and people in general deal with anxiety (my son has some social anxiety issues and my coworker suggested we get him into some non-competitive team sports).

My co-worker mentioned that his sister-in-law “pulls out her hair and eyelashes.”  Without much thought I sort of smiled and told him that I have that, and that it is called Trichotillomania.  So we started talking about it, and he was really cool about it, not judgmental at all.

He is someone I would have probably never told about my disorder. Very few people I work with know about it. But it was nice to hear some one talk about someone they know having it. Every time I hear somebody say “I’ve heard of that,” or “I have a friend who had that,” it makes me feel a little bit less . . . freakish? More normal, I suppose.


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