Tips for dealing with anxiety

Posted: January 21, 2016 in Things that help
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Anxiety is a pain — literally, it hurts. I experience it more often than I probably even realize, I’ve just sort of become used to it similar to the way people get used to chronic back pain.

I had a doctor appointment today, I have been feeling very dizzy and nauseous in the afternoons for about a month. Turns out my medication dosage was way too high. Easy fix. But sitting in the waiting room (which was packed of course) my heart is pounding and I am desperately trying not to make eye contact with any one.

At work I had a meeting with some of the big bosses and some community leaders. The company I work for is hosting a community event soon and I am in charge of digital marketing, so we met with the sponsors to follow-up. So I am sitting in a room with my boss, his boss, and CEOs of several companies. We went around the room to update everyone on our part of the planning. I have a hard time breathing in those kind of situations.  And I can’t focus. I’m not talking about being distracted, it’s different. It’s like taking all the words in a paragraph and jumbling them up and then trying to read it . . . it’s all there, just not in the right order and it seems so simple . . . just read it! But it does not make sense, there’s no mental connect.

A large part of working through my TTM is dealing with the root (no pun intended) of the issue, why I pull. You can’t stop pulling unless you figure out why you are pulling . . . so I have been trying to tackle my anxiety head on.

Here are some tips:

• Close your eyes and take some deep breaths when you feel the anxiety coming on. Of course  you can’t do this if you are in a meeting or something, but if you know you are going to be in a situation that will make you anxious you can do this before hand.

• Go for a quick walk. Even just around the block helps. Divert that energy in your body and it will help ease the mind.

• Listen to music. I do this almost all day. Music has gotten me through the roughest of times. I keep it low at work and it is just sort of background noise, but having a tune in the background seems to help keep me calm. I have read a lot about the healing and calming of song and sound.

• Talk about it. This one is hard. A lot of people mistake anxiety for something that you should just be able to shrug off, like it is all in your mind, you’re doing it for attention or that having anxiety makes you weak. Well, none of those are true and you and I both know that. If you can find someone whom you know “gets it,” venting to them when you are feeling anxious will help you calm down. And make sure you are willing to do the same for him/her.

• WRITE. This is my personal favorite and what I have found to be the most effective for me. I have pages and pages and notebooks full of random thoughts and paragraphs that I never intend for anyone to read. I wrote for myself and myself only. It’s like telling someone your deepest secrets and knowing that they can never tell another soul.

• Color! I do this quite a bit at night before bed to wind down. Evening seems to be my peak pulling time. Coloring keeps my hands busy and is mindless and relaxing. There are tons of coloring books out there for adults, my favorites are the mandalas. Coloring is not just for kids any more!

If you have anxiety and have found a way or ways to deal with it, please let me know! I am always looking for other healthy outlets!

Peaceful hands.

  1. Great ideas. Always helpful to add to the toolbox! 🙂


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