I’m finally getting hair extensions

Posted: December 6, 2015 in Recovery
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I am finally getting hair extensions! I had pretty much let go of the idea of having long hair, not in a negative way, I guess I had just sort of accepted that it would always be short and I was ok with that.

A few weeks ago my hair stylist called me and told me that she had some curly hair extensions that match my hair color almost perfectly. I did not get a chance to talk to her about how she came to have them, she just told me it was a long story and she’d explain later.

I met with her Thursday so that she could teach me hair to take care of them and stuff, and she explained how she got them.

She goes to AA meetings, she has been sober for years but still goes to be supportive to others and keep in touch with friends she’s made there. One of the gals in her group, who happens to have the same curly red hair as I do said she was going to cut it short, well, shorter. Angela, my stylist, asked her if she could have the hair. That would normally be a weird question, but she explained my disorder to this gal and the trouble we’d had trying to get extensions that would work for me. So she said yes, that we could have the hair!

I don’t know about karma or good things come to those who wait or the planets aligning or anything like that, but really it just seems like it is meant to be, it feels like something just put everything in order here for this to happen. I don’t know, maybe I am just being superstitious and it is just a coincidence.

At any rate, I am getting them in tomorrow. I’ll post photos!



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