For people with Trich, it seems that a big chunk of the relief the pulling provides is the stimulation to the skin. My fingers love to feel the little spiky, short hairs that are growing in. I can’t explain it, it is difficult to even try, but that prickly sensation is so soothing.

And then, of course, my hands and arms seem to move on their own. My right hand will reach up to my scalp and start hunting for the perfect hair without me even telling it too. My arm and hand seem to have a mind of their own. If my hand is not being stimulated by something else such as typing, coloring, etc. then it feels the need to move.

I have recently started coloring. Yeah, I know, I’m 34 years old and yet I have a big box of colored pencils and several coloring books. Not what one would expect. But, as you’ve probably read, there is a huge craze around adult coloring right now. There are tons of books out there featuring intricate designs, mandalas, etc. Filling in these shapes, the shading, choosing color combinations and such has been shown to have calming and stress relieving effects.

And I can tell you that it works. I sit and color at night after the kids go to bed, which I have learned is my worst pulling time. At the end of the night when things calm down and I have time to sit and stew over the things I did not get done during the day or the things I have to do tomorrow . . . that is when I go crazy. So I started coloring. It takes my mind off what is going on, the things that I really should not be stressing out about, and it keeps my hands busy. I put one hand on the paper and the other hand holds the pencil. It is a sort of meditation, in a way, you kind of zone out when you color. It’s calming, soothing. Usually my heart is beating a million miles an hour and my breath feels short and tight . . .. the joys of anxiety, but when I color that all slows down. Here are a couple of pieces I have done recently:




They are so fun! I have also been designing my own coloring pages . . . but I have no idea how to get them “out there.”

The other things that I have found helpful are fidget toys, things like stress balls. I have a little spiky ball at my desk at work that I squeeze some times. If I just hold it and roll it around in my hand it sort of fulfills the need for stimulation on my hands. It’s not quite the same as the little spiky hairs, but it helps.


And, I recently found out that the TLC web site has a store that offers fidget toys! There are so many really neat things on there, there are several that I want to buy. Maybe that can be a Christmas present to myself. . ..

I think this hairy tangle is my favorite.

Screen shot 2015-10-21 at 10.38.02 AM


Click here to view the TLC store.

  1. qnslans says:

    I got the oceans adult coloring book and it is a great distraction! I think it’s helping my ttm but it’s too soon


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