Posted: August 9, 2015 in Musings
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I said I was going to start blogging more… I know, I promised, but then, you know, life gets in the way.

But besides that, really, I have an excuse. My friend got married a few weeks ago and she and the bridesmaids all had our nails”done” so that we would all match. I had never had acrylic nails before, I am not what one would consider a “girl”girl, not by a long shot. Anyway, I had these fake nails put on and I seriously can barely do some of the things I used to do all the time with ease. Namely typing. Every time I try to type an “e” I get a 3 instead. And zipping up my pants is a real challenge now. And now that my real nails are growing out the fake ones are just getting longer. And I can’t get the suckers off . . .

So typing, other than at work, is not something I am fond of right now.

But I really feel like writing tonight so I guess my back space button is just going to have to get a work out.

I still don’t have my extensions. I was supposed to have them in weeks ago, I know. There have just been so many road blocks.  My color was unavailable, imagine that! Strawberry blonde hair is not that common, I guess, so the extensions do not usually come in that color. So we ordered a honey blonde with the intent to dye them and curl them. Have I mentioned that my hair is obnoxiously curly?

So I order the hair and it comes in the mail. I took it down to my stylist so that she can dye them and curl them to match my existing hair (well, what is left of it). I did not hear back for awhile. Then one day she sent me a text and asked me to come to her shop after I got off work. I did, and found that she had been experimenting with curling some of the hair and dying it. None of what she had practiced on matched, so she said she’d try again.

A couple of days ago she sent me a text saying that she is having a hard time matching the color and she wants me to go to the supply store with her to try to find a match. She is going out of town next week, so I am not sure when we are going to do that. At this point I am just waiting.

I am not complaining, not at all, she has done so much for me! I guess I am just getting discouraged. It seems like long hair is just not meant for me. Things keep getting in the way of me having it.

In other news, my pulling has decreased significantly. Honestly, I think that is partially due to these talons on the ends of my fingers making the twisty little strands harder to grasp. But besides that my urges have been so much less. I just don’t feel that  urge to do it as much anymore, you know, that nagging ache, the restlessness in your arm and hand. . . it has been quiet. I hope I did not just jinx it.

I saw a photo of myself that was taken a year ago, it was one of those Facebook “one year ago today” things. The one day I was brave enough to post a “selfie.” My hair has not grown at all. It is the same length today that it was a year ago. Man, that stung.

I am really hoping that I have not finally damaged my hair to the point where it won’t grow anymore. Or maybe I have just pulled so that it has not been able to grow. I am going to stay focused and positive!


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