Am I alone in this?

Posted: February 6, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I know this sounds crazy, but it is still hard for me to completely believe that I am not the only person in the world who does this, who pulls their own hair out and doesn’t know why.

It’s crazy because I am involved in several support groups online, I’ve watched videos, I’ve read every article and blog I can about this, and yet it seems that no one has heard of this. And yet I have never met any one else who has this, who does this. Sure I live in a fairly small town, but statistically speaking there should be at least two or three other people here who does this.

What bothers me more than that, however, is that no one I know has ever even heard of this. I’ve become braver, more open, and have begun to tell people about this, and they all give me a strange look, the sort of shock and disbelief you feel when someone tells you something and you can’t tell whether it’s a joke or not. How do you react? You don’t mean to but you get that look on your face. I’ve seen it so many times  . . . but I’ve also heard “I’ve never heard of that” more times than I’d like to remember too.

It baffles me. Supposedly this disorder is fairly common, and yet no one has heard of it. How does that work? Am I really the only person in my part of the world who does this? I know other people are out there, in different states, different time zones, continents. But I don’t know if I can ever truly believe I am not alone in this until I actually meet another woman who knows what this is like. I need to cry with her, laugh with her, to hug her. But how can that happen if no one here has even heard of this?

A large part of my reason for starting this blog is to raise awareness. People with trichotillomania need someone to listen.They need to know that they are not alone. Awareness will bring understanding and more treatment options. No one who deals with this should feel alone and feel that there is no help. There are things you can do to make it bearable.

If people were not so judgmental it would be easier for those of us with TTM to talk about it. What comes first, the understanding by others or the bravery by those afflicted?

  1. I had no idea what trich was until I stumbled upon it on the internet. finally, I had an explanation! for years, I just thought that I was weird because I would tear out my eyebrows. I am glad you are open about it and want to raise awareness.

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    • remblitzin says:

      I went years without knowing what it was and that other people do this too, and I also learned about it on the Internet. I don’t want anyone else out there to go that long feeling that they are alone in this. Thanks for following my blog!


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